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Train 4 Trade Skills - Become a Plumber

A Career In Plumbing

You may well have heard or read about the 'skills shortage' in plumbing. The stories have been widely reported in the national press over recent months. There remains a significant need for skilled and qualified individuals to fill this gap. As a trained plumber, you could choose to work for a contractor or be your own boss. Whether your preference is to be employed or self-employed, the opportunities are considerable. Average salaries for newly qualified plumbers range from 25000 - 40000, with London and the South East allowing even greater potential. Self-employed individuals can earn considerably more but must take on more risk to do so. To help in this respect, and for those who relish the opportunity to manage their own future, we have prepared a complete section on how to run your own profitable plumbing business. The attractions of working for oneself remain high, as do the rewards. Such is the strength of our training programme that once qualified, you will have a career for life.

The Government's agreed expansion of new residential properties, the increasing regulation limiting work in domestic dwellings to competent (qualified) persons, the drive towards energy efficient heating systems and the implementation of the European Performance of Building Directive will mean an even greater need for more skilled trade people for years to come.

But, if you're going to learn a new trade which will guarantee you a career, it's important you learn the right skills and achieve industry recognised qualifications. The choice of training provider is therefore very important.

Our courses are those that industry wants and which are accredited by all the leading industry bodies. We provide the learning materials for home study including interactive 3D virtual reality learning software, finance and student support, and once the underpinning theory is acquired, also the practical skills in our specially equipped workshops under the guidance of expert tutors, so that you can pass your exams and qualifications.

Our Study Methods

Most adult career changers are already in employment or have commitments that mean they can't attend full-time courses. Ours are blended, distance learning courses. On these courses you study the theory at home following comprehensive structured home study and reading notes together with interactive training software and 3D virtual reality problem solving software - at regular intervals you will attend one of our training centres for instructor led practical training.

The advantage of blended learning programmes over traditional full-time classroom courses are that you can study the theory at your own pace and when you can fit it in and there's no time limit to completing the course. You take as long as you need. Of course you need a bit of self-discipline to study at home, but your mentor and friendly support staff will keep you motivated and moving along. You also have a qualified instructor at the other end of the phone and email if you need them to help you with understanding any aspect of the course work. At regular intervals you attend one of our training centres on a number of block weeks for intensive practical training under the watchful guidance of one of our expert mentors so you can put that theory into practice. At the end of each week, you leave with new skills and are able to carry out a range of the tasks that experienced trades people do. This is a real boost to your confidence and motivation - before you know it, you'll be qualified!

There is a big difference between investing your time and money...and wasting your time and money.

When you train with us you can rely on your training being delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals in the trade that you have chosen. For example, if you study a plumbing course, you will be trained by ex-plumbers with at least the same qualifications that you will learn. To ensure you get the very best training experience, our trainers also have a minimum 10 years experience "on the tools" in the occupation which you have chosen. They have lots of teaching experience, they keep up-to-date with industry developments and most of all, they are passionate about the trade and enjoy passing on their knowledge and skills to people like you.

We want you to succeed . so, when you train with us, you also get a training mentor, someone who you can talk to about your coursework and training. Your mentor is there to help you achieve your qualifications and skills.

Our uniquely structured blended learning programme, a combination of theory and practical skills acquisition, will equip and prepare you for your new career as a qualified plumber. This course will give you all you need to approach your new career with confidence and to gain the qualifications that will prove your competence to the world at large. Successful completion of the whole course to Advanced level will see you attain no fewer than nine valuable qualifications. With the requisite work experience your studies will lead you toward the industry's leading certifications, there are no better respected, nor more recognised qualifications in the industry. Whether your preference is to be employed or self-employed, this is the course for you. To find out how to become a plumber just click here to register your interest.

As a plumber what skills will I need to have?

Plumbers need the intelligence to work out complex equations, the expertise and flexibility to install different systems, the knowledge to understand how and why different systems work, the ability and initiative to problem solve, a thirst for knowledge of new technology, a creative mind, sound judgement and most importantly professionalism and honesty.

Most colleges will prefer you to have a GCSE grade A-C level in Maths and Science or equivalent, to prove you have the mental ability for the job. Our training though requires no formal qualifications as we assess your ability at the time of enrolment.

Being a plumber is a physical job; you will have to be prepared to get your hands dirty (some plumbers on a regular basis, some every now and again), learn to use many tools and equipment in a safe and proper fashion, you will need a head for heights, be willing to fit into small, cramped spaces (under sinks etc) and you will need to be a quick learner (plumbers who take you on for work experience will expect you to make the odd mistake, but not to make it twice!).

You will also have to be a 'people person' by having good communication skills and take pride in your work. You have to respect people's properties and uphold high standards in plumbing to protect the public health. The result of all this can lead to immense job satisfaction.