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Train 4 Trade Skills - Success Stories

Mr C G

Ever since last october, when my wife had an eptopic pregnancy that ruptured causing me and our 2 other children to nearly lose her and some bad treatment about it by my company that I have worked for in the print for the last 12 years, I have been wishing to leave there and the print trade all together.At 35 years of age I was wondering what other job i could do,then a friend told me about this training,and always being interested in plumbing,went for it. I am glad i took the leap and decided to retrain as I am enjoying it so much.My wife is back to work part time now but i still had to make the decision about how I could get all our lives back on track with some security in the future, I believe that this is the right way for us and have thrown myself right into the course with my wifes full support and backing. Still holding down my current job and fitting in the study time aswell as time aside for my family has been difficult, but I have stuck to it and have been really pleased with the progress I have made.I have made a point of meeting my targets regarding the study time and hope that I can keep it up, I have learnt so much so far.

Mr G H

I have been working and developing my knowledge of pipe bending, jointing and the skill of soldering, with a friend of mine who is a fully qualified plumber and heating engineer. I have asked for and been given lengths of copper piping and joints to help practice with, and have aquired a set of pipe benders, a blow torch and some solder and flux, in order to practice with also, before I attend the two week practical stage. I have also been looking around to acquire some manufacturer's catalogues to gain knowledge of the range of fixings and parts which i will need to be familiar with.
Mr P H

I have been trying to do two jobs as well as study for this and also study the local taxi Knowledge exam so that I can continue to work on the course and achieve my ultimate goal of becoming qualified in plumbing. Also running a house with three kids too.
Mr P C

It has been a real challange because my father was taken seriously ill and I have had to become his carer. Despite this I have managed to obtain test scores of 100% and 93% so far.
Mr D L

I have just installed a complete central heating system into my house, this includes 6 radiators and all the copper pipe work. I only used 2 elbows on the feed and return all the rest was done with a pipe bender. There was 1 minor drip on a radiator on the landing that was solved with a slight nip of a spanner.
Mr L R

I am pleased with my self as Ii didnt think i would find the course as easy as I have, (not to say it's to easy though. I think I have achieved much since starting the course and look forward to learning much more, many thanks to the team for giving me the opportnity to partake in this life changing course.
Mr M S

This is a far cry from what I was doing before (sitting on my butt playing computer all day). I am a stay home dad/house husband to my 3 kids & I fit my study in around them even if I'm up till 3am reading my martrial or doing research then up at 6am to get my kids lunch ready & take them to school. I am now on Module 6 & so far have already used some of the lessons I have read about to fix a few issues in my house both my main W/C & CWSC overflow (scenario 1 came in handy here). I do what I can & I am trying my best but at the same time I am enjoying learning something new & putting it to use (even if only for small jobs DIY jobs anyway has really given me a real boost & makes me want to accomplish more). Thank you Trade 4 Skills for this opportunity.
Mr R M

I have achieved alot of things. First of all I know the health and safety act and a lot about boilers as I have been doing my assignments. Thank you very much for your help .
Mr P A

In the last month I have managed to complete modules 2 and 3, scoring well on my tma's, whilst working 60+ hour weeks at my current job. I am quite surprised at myself, but the coursework is really sticking and seems a lot easier to get through since I set out a study plan. I am thoroughly enjoying it and look forward to my daily study time when I get home from a long days work!!
Mr K M

I never thought I'd do so well in this course, the marks I've gained so far are brilliant, and I've achieved so much that ive been able to put a tap outside properly. Looking forward to achieveing more
Mr B A

Where do I start on a trumpet blowing exercise? I work 10 hours in the direct sales position I work in and at evening I do church work and also have a part-time job to help with the income!! My girlfriend lives in Bracknell and I live in Barnsley which is 200 miles so I travel there every weekend, in the time I have spare I do my course work. I always have it with me at work and read whereever and whenever possible. I only submit a project when I am 100% in my mind that I will get above 90% score so I have to put alot of effort in.
Mr P S

After labouring terribly with the study material and after finding it difficult to have a disciplined approach to my study illustrated by the submission of only one TMA from July to October 30th I have organised myself to be able to commit more time to my study and have reaped the rewards. From October 30th to November 14th I have studied hard and submitted five TMA in that period and scored well on each of them. I now feel confident that I will enjoy eventual success after initially being sure it was just a pipe dream. Pardon the pun.
Mr M W

Since i joined Train 4 Trade Skills I have been very pleased in what I have acheived. I have studied the course book and completed all six TMAs in about three months which I feel is very good for me I feel considering I have a full time job to hold down which and takes up alot of my time, most of my study time i do during the weekends which has been very rewarding because it has enabled me to fully install a bathroom suite which has made very happy not only has an acheivement but it has saved me a few quid as a result!! Thank you to the staff in putting this course together.
Mr I G

I have just got 90% on my first TMA, which I was not expecting to recieve on my first exam as i am terrible at exams.
Mr A N

It's all a bit of an adventure. I had a good look at the course work module one. have i done the right thing ? as I have not studied for 23 years (yes that makes me 39) just the odd forklift test. I went down the shop the next day to get some new stationery. (as all the pens in my house belong to the wife), so with new stationery i was like a 11 year old on his first day at college. I picked up the course work and stared to read. After reading module one once or twice it started to sink in so I set up a timetable one module per month. I got first module done in two and a bit weeks. (nice one) I don't mind telling you it was hard to start with, but when I got started it was not as bad as I thought. Postit's all over the place, down to the library on the Internet and down the DIY shop. The last time I picked up a book it was the TV times. I have never done so much research before. Loving it and looking forward to the progress report to see how I have done, and looking forward to module two. I hope I keep learning and enjoying the plumbing course all the way through. Many thanks for this opportunity.
Mrs J M

I have always enjoyed DIY and after replacing my old bath myself last year, I started looking at college courses. They were all too expensive or ran into my working day as I work full time in a primary school. T4Ts was the answer to all my problems. This course will enable me to secure a future for my family and enable me to do a job I will enjoy.I'm very happy with my progress so far, completing 5 TMA's and scenario 1. Being a wife, mum of a 5 year old and full time teaching assistant, I think I've achieved a lot in the last three months.
Mr J T

I feel I have achieved a lot through out the whole of this year and completing 15 of my TMA's - I have not only moved house twice, but I have suffered a severe illness, had 3 deaths in my family, changed jobs and begun working as an apprentice plumber to help aid my learning process, but I have also managed to pass all 15 of my assignments. I do not find learning easy, it takes a lot of effort (and nagging from my patient girlfriend) for me to sit down and read the information and do any research, but I have done it and I feel very proud of myself for completing the first stage almost of my qualification!!!!
Mr K R

It is very hard in my case to find time and focus on studies but I think I am doing very well. I am using any day off to renovate our house. It not only takes a lot of time but also a lot of energy. Seven weeks ago my wife has delivered beautiful daughter so I am trying to support her and newborn as much as I can. In the mean time I am trying to get on with the course so I have even started to learn at work by using my two 45 min breakes. It my sound ridiculous but in fact it works quite well as the last result of TMA shows. Not mentioning that I am constantly improving my english. Though all of this I think I am doing very good and I hope You think the same :)
Mr J D

In the past month I have tried really hard to make us much time as possible to knuckle down and study hard for this course. I have been able to do this and I have enjoyed it very much which helps. As a result you can see from my progress that I have managed to get through the first six modules in just less than a month with a average mark of over 92%. As well as also completing the first three scenarios on the CD, going through the online training on the web site, and even doing a couple of small jobs for family using the techniques I have learned so far! I am currently waiting for Part B and am very much looking forward to it. Thanks Jason
Miss L C

I feel I have performed well as I work full time and have to work the hours so I can pay my mortgage which leaves less time for chunks of study time but I put my hours in walking to and from work and in my lunch breaks as well as the weekends and I have been very proud of my results as I have never studied or practically attempted any plumbing until now!
Mr A P

i have started module 1 and completed with a 100% pass i am enjoying this very much and would love to get these marks all through the course i have a very stressfull job but the studying helps me wind down why i did not do this earlier in life god knows thanks for giving me this opportunity.
Mr M M

Since commecing my course I have manged to complete the whole of Part one and awaiting to start my new part B, while awaiting for the practicals. I have since achieved good marks in all but one module and have revised. I have managed to prove that if you give 100% to your studies nothing is unachievable.
Mr D G

Mr D B

This is my second month on the course and with each pass my confidence grows. I didnt think i would enter into a new career but feel sure that this course is going to make a significant change to not only my life but my families. They are all so proud of me for my effort and commitment so far. I had never used a computer before and was not sure i would be able to do this, but i proved to myself i am capable. My tutor gives me great feedback on my results this also gives me a huge confidence boost and i am finding that i am going to make something of my life.
Mr O M

13 years after my GCSEs, I am still able to cope with the education. Working 10 hours a day and 6 days a week, night shift. I start work at 12 mid-night and I finish work at 10am. I get home at 11am. One hour for my breakfast and bathing. I have to collect my child from school at 03.15pm.
Mr R J

As a self employed electrician my work commitments this month have been hectic i have managed to continue studying late at night which i have found difficult especially when i was doing module 3 which involved chemistry which was my weakest subject at school.
Mr S W

At the age of 41 I feel as though I have taken to learning again with a passion and loving my newly gained knowledge, I have been able to use small aspects of what I have learnt so far in and around my own environment as not only has my knowledge base grown but so has my confidence. I am mananging to find at least 1 1/2 hours a day for my studies, while working full time 12 hour shifts and occaisional part time helping my brother in his new business,raising a family also another full time job and reliving my youth by playing rugby. I would say that the support of my family plays in no small part a fantastically huge part of how well I feel I am progressing through the course, after such a long break from learning I am really pleased with the results that I have achieved in my TMAs so far and look forward to the future when I can put my newly acquired knowledge and skills to good use.
Mr P B

I have had a steep learning curve and enjoyed learning the tools, types of pipes joints etc.
Mr T L

I feel that I have done really well in getting my course work done not only juggling with a full time job but also having a new arrival to the family. I have still managed to split my time and proceed on with my course work and not only just getting on with it but also improving my results and have managed 100% on my last 2 tma's
Mr R P

Due to the time of the year I am very busy at work with me working at a funeral directors. I have been 6 day weeks and doing overtime on nights to keep on top of our work load and also we go on-call where we can be called out at any time and we have had around 25 callouts, mostly out of work hours call-outs, but I am am still able to submit my tutor marked assignments in time with my own learning plan which was to submit tutor marked assignment 3 by the end of the year.
Mr S J

In the last few months I have fitted a full bathroom suite for my brother, run a cold water feed into the out house and connected up a washing machine for my mother. Since starting the course in September I have completed 5 TMAs and all the online training modules plus scenarios 1 and 2 whilst holding down a full time job for the police force and looking after two boys under five.
Mr D F

I have learnt so much in the last month, just completed my third TMA, got 100% on the first and 93% on the second. I am also doing a full time job and looking after my 17 month old son at the same time and still manage to do 2-3 hours a day studying. This is a real eye opener to life and I look forward to passing this course> so I can start on the next level.
Mr A E

Started this in October and have completed 4 tma's whilst working and trying to plan a wedding, all sounds simply but I suffer from dyslexia so studying has always been a struggle but found the course a blast and I'm really enjoying it can't wait to pass and get out there.
Mr J S

I have managed to pass all three of my exams so far with a result well in excess of my expectations, my last result being 100%! I have managed to do this despite working a rigorous shift pattern, splitting up from my partner and having to leave the family home. I also have just recently almost lost my father to a heart attack but have still managed to continue my course work and have infact progressed with this much quicker than I expected. I am hoping to be doing my practial work as early as possible in the new year and progressing to the advanced course at the earliest opportunity.
Mr S N

I would like to thank the Train4TradeSkills support because of you now I am able to solve some basic plumbing problems, eg leaking taps which I wasn't able to do before I joined to train with you. I can now stand the comments people pass to me, because when I told my friends that I want to be a plumber most of them said a looser and I almost gave up on my course but now I am stronger and I don't care what other people might say .